Tracy Lynette De Volt

Founder/Senior Leader

Tracy received Christ at the age of seventeen.  After struggling for three additional years with drug and alcohol addiction, she was completely set free by simply reading and praying daily the Word of God. The power of God’s Word to renew the mind and destroy yokes is her testimony and life’s conviction. 


Tracy readily received her calling and immediately began teaching the Word of God. At 21 years of age, she taught with an insight and wisdom that could only come from God’s Spirit. With zeal for God but in desperate need of knowledge, Tracy decided to attend Bible school. 


Upon graduating Rhema Bible Training Center (now Rhema Bible College) in 1993, Tracy was ordained to the Gospel Ministry with passion and anointing for teaching, training, healing, and equipping people: Leadership and Laity; saved and unsaved, with the tools they need to navigate through life successfully.  She also earned her Bachelor of Science in Ministry and Leadership from Oklahoma Wesleyan University, OK.

Pastor Tracy (affectionately known as "PT") is Founder and Senior Leader for Lighthouse Worship Center Churches, Inc. “A place where the glory of God resides, and the people of God are empowered through God’s message of Light. A people experiencing, Life, Light, and Hope through God’s Word”.  She has formed a CDC called, Light Beyond Walls Community Development Corporation, Inc., to help with affordable housing, education, and various community endeavors bettering the lives of families. Tracy serves as president and co-collaborator of SHEMinisters, Inc., a ministerial training organization for female ministers of the Gospel.


PT was formerly CEO/President for Eternal Light Ministries, Inc., a non-for-profit organization formed with the intent of informing the people of God, that they are “the light of the world" -teaching them “to walk as children of light."  Additionally, she serves through Tracy De Volt Ministries/His Harvesters Christian Foundation as: itinerate minster, motivational and keynote speaker, seminar and workshop facilitator.  Tracy is also the author of Winning at the Waiting Game; How God Built Me to Last released August 2014.


Pastor Tracy has ministered the Word of the Lord under a distinct prophetic mantle with signs following since 1990. Manifestation/revelation, simplicity, and great joyfulness are signature of her ministry. Her personal purpose is “to show forth God’s glory and provision through right living and unity based in love”. Her message is the Message of Light that will bring not only the Church, but, a darkened-hopeless world, into the knowledge of the true nature of God found only in face of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  In April 2018, Pastor Tracy received her Apostolic Affirmation to the spiritual office of Apostle and serves as presiding prelate of Lighthouse Christian Assemblies Fellowship, Inc (LCAF).


Tracy holds a master’s in business administration (MBA) from Oklahoma Wesleyan University where she instructs as an adjunct professor in business and spiritual formation. Additionally, she holds a master’s in theology and apologetics (MTA). Tracy is currently working towards a Ph.D. in leadership and Christian education at Regent University.   She is a business owner, consultant, and mentor in areas of ministry, marketing, leadership development, and team management etc. In her own words, “I grow people”. This she does with great excitement, wisdom, and inspiration from God.